ȭå Ͽ           Ƽ 뺻 ۼ<donga-c1>

  츮 ¾ Ŀ θ԰ б ޾ҽϴ.

Ƶ ̷ Կ ־ ֽϴ.

Ʊ⿡ شϴ ȭå() ַ ° ְ,

ʵ ȭå н Ȱ˴ϴ.

ǵǰ ִ ֿ ȭå 뿡 Ͽ ϸ Ʒ ϴ.

(å 켱 ƴϸ, Դϴ.)

After we are born, we have educated by our parents and the school.

Children's books are a kind of supplement to these kinds of education.

The fairy tales corresponding to infant and childhood mainly inform the imagination

and language sense, and the elementary educations are used as the knowledge of prior learning.

The types and contents of the alternative children's books published are briefly summarized below.

(The order of book types is not a priority, and the English sentences errors are still corrected.)

. Ƶ о:

Children's books category:

â, , , ȸŽ, μ, , , , ö, , , ѱ, , ȭ, ȭ, , , ,

ڿ, ׸ θ ȭ, , üн, , , , , ̼ , , е ִ.

~ Creative fairy tale, Traditional fairy tale, Masterpiece fairy tale, Social exploration,

Personality, Mathematics, Biography of Great people, Classic fairy tale, Philosophy, Music, Korean language,

Korean history, World history, Culture, Cartoon, Samguk Sagi & Samguk Yusa, Essay writing, Natural observation,

Greece & Roma's myths, Science, Experience learning, Safety education, Sex education, English language,

Hanja, Art, Educational tool, Literature, etc.

. оߺ : The contents of each field:

1. â۵ȭ ۰  ̾߱ ,

̵鿡 ſ ְ Ͽ ش. ° âǼ 淯 ش.

Creative fairy tale is learned by the story created through the imagination of the artist,

  It gives children a sense of pleasure because we can develop imagination and creativity.

2. ȭ ַ ȯ ȭ ̸̾߱,

̵鿡 ȸ ư ʿ ġ Ͽ ش.

Traditional fairy tale is an old story based on fantastic myths and legends

that was transmitted mainly and makes the children feel the universal values necessary

for living as a member of society.

3. ۵ȭ 볻 Ⱓ Ǹϴٰ ̴̾߱.

Masterpiece fairy tale is stories that have been recognized as good for a long time both inside and outside.

4. ȸ Ž ȸ Ȱ ʿ Ǿ ִ.

Social exploration is composed of contents necessary in public life.

5. μ å Ȱ 迡 ־ 踦 ϱ ̴.

It is the subject from the book to maintain moral and ethical relationships in family life and interpersonal relationships.

6. ų ϴ ⺻ ش.

Mathematics teaches a basic way to count the quantity of things or calculate prices.

7. Ǹ ϸ, ̵鿡 ׵  ˷ݴϴ.

Biography of Great people is an excellent selection of people throughtout the world history, children will tell you about their past lives.

8. ǰμ, θ ֵǴ ̷ ִ.

Classic fairy tale was made up of content that has been widely read by as an exemplary literary work of domestic and foreign written previously.

9. ö ΰ 迡 ٺ ־ ߿ϴٰ Ǵ ˷ش.

Philosophy teaches us that it is believed to be the most important in the fundamental principles of man and the world in the essence of life.

10. 帣μ ̵ ۰ DZ ֿ 뷡 ,

׵ ۰ 뿡 Ͽ ˷ִ Ǿ ִ.

Music is a genre of art, in which children listen to composers' musical instruments and voice songs,

and tell their lives and composition.

11. ѱ õ ܾ ġ å̴.

Korean language has books to teach grammatical contents and words related to Korean.

12. ѱ ѹݵ ߽ ѱ 縦 DZô

ֱٱ å̴.

Korean history has developed around the Korean Peninsula from the era of Korea founding Korea.

It has books written in the record contents of history until recently.

13. 翡 Ͽ ˱ å̴.

World history has described a book that comprehensibly the history of every country around the world.

14. ȭ ΰ ִ Ȱ ĵ鿡 Ͽ ȸ ̷ å̴.

Culture has a book written to be done in society as a whole against the lifestyle when thinking

that human beings have.

15.ȭ ̾߱⸦ ȭ ̿Ͽ ظ ϰ å̴.

Cartoon has made a book that easy to understand by using continuous artwork.

16. 23(1145) ν Ŷ, , 3 ġ õ ߽ 缭̴.

ﱹ · Ͽ Ŀ7(1281) ﱹô 缭̸, ô ұ ߰ Ǿ ִ.

Samguk Sagi and Samguk Yusa fairy tales are records of history of Ghokooryeo,

Backjae, and Shinla, of the Korean peninsula in the past.

It used to be an era of three kingdoms history contains the contents of the documentary.

Samguk Sagi focuses on the political ups and downs of the three kingdoms of Korea.

As history books written by Kim boo-shik around 1145 (the 23rd year of the reign of King Inn-Jong).

Samguk Yusa is a historical record compiled by the Buddhist monk.

Yil-Youn in 1281 (the 7th year of King Chung-Yeal of Goryeo).

In particular, The Samguk Yusa was described as an additional the origin of Buddhism and era of Gojoesun.

17. , , âǷ , ڱ ֵ ذ ɷ Ű


Essay writing helps to develop communication, cooperation, creativity accident, self-directed problem-solving ability.

18. ڿ å Ͽ ̵鿡 , ȭ, Ĺ  Ͽ

Ͽ ش.

Nature observation will allow children to the book to learn about animals, fossils, plant growth processes and so on.

19. ׸ θ ȭ ׸  ȭ

׸ θε ŵ鿡 õ ȭ ̷ ִ.

The Greek and The Roma's myths have myths and legends produced by people of ancient Greece, and ancient Romans serve God.

It has consisted of related stories.

20. ڿ迡 ü  ؿ ߾ ִ å̴.

Science has books that told the systematic knowledge of the natural world according to the level of children.

21. ü н нڰ 忡 Ư Ȱ ϰ åμ 쵵 Ͽش.

Experience learning has learned virtual experiences as learners do not do specific activities

in the field and as books.

22. ư ȿ ü طο ߻ ʵ

̸ Ͽ ִ å̴.

Safety education has designed to prevent things that are harmful to the body of occurring while people live.

It has edited books that notes beforehand.

23. ϴ ȿ ü ȭ ó Ͽ ִ å̴.

Sex education has told books that we about body changes and how to deal with harassment while growing up.

24. ̱, , ȣ, ijٵ 󿡼 ϴ μ ⺻ ġ å̴.

English is available to many countries around the world, including the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada,

It teaches a book to fundamentally the language as an international language to use.

25. ڴ ߱ ǥؾ ߿ 1,000 ڸ Ͽ,

å Ͽ ̵ ߱ ⺻ ڸ ֽϴ.

Hanja has selected about 1,000 letters among the standard words in Chinese.

Through this book, children can learn basic characters of Chinese easily.

26. ̵鿡 , ȸȭ, , , , մϴ.

̵鿡 å ⺻ Ͽ ݴϴ.

Art has taught for children explain about art, painting, sculpture, architecture, crafts, calligraphy, and so on.

For children, a book on art teaches the basics of art.

27. , , âǷµ ɷ ϰ Ű ǰ Ǿ ִ.

An Educational tool has consisted of props to improve children's imagination, intelligence, creativity and so on.

28. ̳ ǥϿ åμ 츮 ˷ش.

Literature expresses thoughts and emotions in words and tells us through a book.


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